EMMETT – This is a story of good old-fashoined American Stick-to-itiveness – And how one man’s desire led to a discovery that would transcend national boundaries.

Happy Independents Day, Emmett! You are the most independent person I have ever known.

Emmett in his Stick making shop circa 1980. A converted basement garage of his home in Laurel Canyon.

Screening “EMMETT” at STICK NIGHT Bel Air

I’m happy to invite all my friends to the coolest event. Open to the public.

STICK NIGHT Bel Air is the culmination of a three-day seminar put on by Free Hands Academy. It’s in Bel Air just off Mulholland Drive and has been planned for the 24th this month. Learn more here:

I’m proud have been asked to show my 42 minute docu-in-progress at this beautiful outdoor venue with a Q&A following the screening. The event features solo performances by five distinct players, all with completely different styles, who play The Stick. I’d like to encourage anyone who knows me to come see what I’ve been up to during the seven years that I’ve been working on my still unfinished documentary. Welcome one and all. – Dan Chapman

$10 donation at the gate or call 858-386-9384 or

VIRGINIA SPLENDORE in memorium 1/10/65 – 5/8/11

This is a video I made with Virna Splendore, who is a bellisima persona. We arranged a Skype interview on 7/17/10 from her rustic studio in Casaprota, in the hills above Rome to me in Los Angeles. I shot her also at the World Stick Concert in San Jose 2003. She is a rare human being and she plays a rare musical intrument, The Stick. She will be deeply missed. With much love lost so tragically and needlessly. — Dan Chapman

Podcast interview about StickNIght Live with Emmett, Tom and Dan

Hey! Check out the 4/27/11 podcast interview with Emmett, Tom Greisgraber and myself hosted by Canadian, Eric Arthur for The Dividing Line Broadcast Network (DLBN).

For those who don’t know, Tom Greisgraber (pronounced like nice neighbor) is a phenomenal Stick player. We are all discussing The Stick and my new DVD, STICK NIGHT LIVE. Lots of great Stick music. It will be up for 2 weeks and you can stream it, or download it if you prefer to listen on an mp3 player. It will actually air on the station Saturday morning 4/30/11, but most listeners choose to listen to shows on demand rather than actually listening to the live feed. After two weeks when this episode comes down, soon after the interview portion of the show will appear on the special events archive section of the site.

Listen at this link: Podcast Interview

StickNight Live DVD

What do you get when you rub two Sticks together?


Here’s the link below to what was a live stream of last night’s concert at the Museum of Making Music. We captured some beautiful moments. If you don’t watch anything else, at least see the wonderful introduction at the beginning by the lovely museum director, Carolyn Grant. Also Tom and Emmett’s duet was brilliance. Alone worth the price of admission.

The museum set up to do the streaming, using a siingle SD DVX100, directly streaming the event live.
We shot separately with two cameras in beautiful HD for the documentary.

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Emmett - a documentary by Dan Chapman

This is a documentary about my brother, who has been a role model for me all my life. Thousands of people in many countries have also been influenced and inspired by him. This film is a window into an unusual creative community. The Stick has been used by groups like Aerosmith, King Crimson, Santana, Dave Matthews Band, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Robbie Robertson, Paula Cole, Tangerine Dream, The Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soliel, among many more from around the planet. – Dan