Dan ChapmanDan Chapman has been an artist all his life and has been working in the film industry for 26 years. His work as a poster artist has won numerous awards and is included as part of the permanent collection in The Library of Congress. He spent 15 years as a creative executive working in motion pictures advertising for every major studio in Los Angeles. In 2002 he started his own design company. His graphic work can be seen at: www.chapman-design.com

In 2004, Dan began his first documentary, EMMETT and formed his production company, Chapdoc. Visit: www.chapdoc.com

This film is for all audiences, especially those who feel that art is not a competition. There’s a natural audience of musicians who are already interested in this subject. More info on Emmett can be found at: www.emmettchapman.net and on The Stick at: www.stick.com

Technical: Documentary work-in-progress. Production started 11/04; Region produced: Los Angeles; Language: English; Shoot format: DV; Aspect ratio: 16:9; Edit System: Final Cut Pro; Intended run time: 90 minutes; Intended final format: 35mm.