Musical Instrument Museum and Music Theater in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In just over two weeks, I’ll be showing a 10-15 minute work-in-progress of the documentary as part of a 5-year anniversary celebration for the Musical Instruments Museum in Scottsdale, Arizona. The museum features a section for The Stick on permanent exhibition. Emmett will also be giving a lecture that afternoon.

The screening is part of a special event at the beautiful MIM Music Theater featuriing performances by Emmett Chapman and the brilliant NY jazz stickist, Steve Adelson. Steve is the one who made it happen. Many thanks Steve!

Read more about the details here:

This is sure to be an amazing experience. I’m so grateful I’m able to tag along. It’s the first time Emmett has been there. Me too. I’ve been working to get all my other projects out of the way so I can concentrate on doing something special for this event. I’ll be doing some shooting while driving 6+ hours through the endless yucca trees with Em and Yuta from L.A. to Arizona, covering the experience and the show itself. It looks like fun. It’s always a challenge.

I better get back to editing.