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You can catch my interview on the audio web series, Beyond The Playlist with JHammondC

Beyond The Playlist with JHammonC interview with Dan Chapman

Terrific audio production quality, combined with stimulating questions makes JHammonC a super interviewer. We had lots to discuss, my background and the current status of my documentary, EMMETT. Plus all things music, love, work, art and commerce. Not necessarily in that order.

Here are a couple of corrections:

In describing The Railboard’s process, I misspoke and called it NCN processing. Whoops! What I meant to say was CNC machine process (on a milling machine).

Also when Hammond asks, “Had you made films before?”
I talked about my college days, studying photography and design. I said “My senior photography student told me to focus on directing, because I was making dramatic photo sequences with stills.” I meant to say, “my photography professor told me to focus on directing.”



This audio file can also be downloaded here: