Free Hands Friday (FHF) is a weekly interview session started by Gene Perry. This 56:15 minute session streamed on 3/14/14, focuses on EMMETT – the documentary, featuring Dan Chapman interviewed by Jim Reilly.

If you watch this, it will explain a lot…

With Q & A, personal pix and clips, I share my thoughts on process, new directions and what it’s like making your first feature film during The Great Recession.

The Google Hangouts forum doesn’t exactly do justice to my clips or audio. This medium is so low rez that it makes that part a little hard to watch. I think the ideas come across anyway.

A couple clarifications:

I say “I dropped out of music school and became an artist.” What I meant to say is that I switched majors in college, from a music major to an art major. Coming from the pop/rock world, I didn’t sight read music, so I felt too far behind all those classically-trained students who could.

Describing the vintage accordion shot as “Emmett and three brothers,” I misspoke. It shows Em with two brothers Jerry and Ronny. I wasn’t born at the time that picture was taken.

Upon watching it again, I realize I didn’t fully answer Russell’s question. My goal for the end product is a full release which includes theatrical, broadcast, DVD and VOD/online sales.

The hour went by very fast. I had so much more to show that time didn’t allow. I didn’t get to play that segment entitled “To be or not to be.”

Thanks for the participation and heartfelt questions by Russell Keating, Matt Tate and Dean Pascarella. I’m so happy Jim Reilly could host.which he did excellently despite having broken his collarbone playing hockey a couple days earlier!!! Talk about pain. What a trouper! I’m very grateful.