I’m happy to invite all my friends to the coolest event. Open to the public.

STICK NIGHT Bel Air is the culmination of a three-day seminar put on by Free Hands Academy. It’s in Bel Air just off Mulholland Drive and has been planned for the 24th this month. Learn more here: http://freehandsacademy.com/2013/08/12/stick-night-bel-air/

I’m proud have been asked to show my 42 minute docu-in-progress at this beautiful outdoor venue with a Q&A following the screening. The event features solo performances by five distinct players, all with completely different styles, who play The Stick. I’d like to encourage anyone who knows me to come see what I’ve been up to during the seven years that I’ve been working on my still unfinished documentary. Welcome one and all. – Dan Chapman

$10 donation at the gate or call 858-386-9384 or info@freehandsacademy.com