Hey! Check out the 4/27/11 podcast interview with Emmett, Tom Greisgraber and myself hosted by Canadian, Eric Arthur for The Dividing Line Broadcast Network (DLBN). www.thedividingline.com

For those who don’t know, Tom Greisgraber (pronounced like nice neighbor) is a phenominal Stick player. We are all discussing The Stick and my new DVD, STICK NIGHT LIVE. Lots of great Stick music. It will be up for 2 weeks and you can stream it, or download it if you prefer to listen on an mp3 player. It will actually air on the station Saturday morning 4/30/11, but most listeners choose to listen to shows on demand rather than actually listening to the live feed. After two weeks when this episode comes down, soon after the interview portion of the show will appear on the special events archive section of the site.

Listen at this link: Podcast Interview

StickNight Live DVD