STICK NIGHT LIVE. Check out the trailer up un YouTube. A collection of 9 top Stick artists performing on Emmett’s instrument. I’m very proud of the  project. I produced and directed this 83 minute DVD using concert footage we shot for the documentary. It really gives you an idea what The Stick is. Shows how it can be played in any genre of music. It’s the best live performances from series of three concerts my son Dean and I shot. We put together this trailer for it.

Dean created the flying Stick motion graphic using a combination of Maya, Cinema 4D and After Effects. I have been encouraging him to work in motion graphics for a long time. He has a natural aptitude for it having been an obsessive gamer since a toddler. I’m proud that he’s picking up where I left off as a designer. I knew I’d never be able to devote the time to learn this stuff.. He regularly stays up late nights with tutorials. He pulled 4 all-nighters on this trailer alone.

He was originally intending to fully render the instrument, but the texture mapping would have put the render times into the stratosphere. It will happen next time tough. It will look like an actual Stick.

Hope you enjoy it.  You can purchase it here: