For those who donated, I want to thank you. Your generosity allowed me to take “Emmett” to the Ventura Film Society festival and get a 38 minute cut shown to a large group there. This is only the beginning of this documentary’s impact on a growing audience.

Now I need something else to enable progress to the next step.

What is needed are several days of concentrated editing in order to cut a 3 minute trailer that reflects the current state of this project. This will take $$$. The trailer that’s up right now was cut over a year ago for Emmett’s lecture at the University of Missouri. I cut it as a “first stab” to see if I could put something together for the students, requested by Sean Malone who is a professor there.

I’ve been researching funding from various sources and will have some exciting things to report very soon. But before I can approach serious funding institutions and individuals, it’s crucial to get a fast-paced trailer up on this site as soon as possible. I have something in mind that will be very exciting and will give a much deeper insight into the story of “Emmett.”

Please help me do this. For those of you who can contribute, even small donations will help.